Ballet/Tap Combo - These combination classes are designed for dancers 3 - 5 years of age. Basic terminology is introduced through song and dance. The atmosphere is fun, loving, and creative. The dance skills enhance physical coordination while teaching discipline and cooperation. These classes are great for building self-confidence in our youngest students.

Ballet - Ballet is the basis for all dance techniques. It is the most traditional form of dance in which classes are structured and methodical. Ballet enhances coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. The mechanics of ballet technique and its vocabulary are taught in all our ballet classes. Our class structure follows the tradition of barre and centre work.

Jazz - Jazz has a ballet emphasis designed to include a warm-up, center work, and progressive combinations across the floor. In addition, combinations accompanied by contemporary, upbeat music will be taught. Jazz helps instill rhythm and style through a teacher’s choreography. Jazz choreography changes with each piece of music so the dancer is exposed to a lot of variety in these classes.

Tap - Tap emphasizes the development and strength of tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound. The dancer wears a traditional tap shoe in class; the exact style of which to be determined by the teacher. Tap helps develop coordination and rhythm.

Lyrical - Lyrical has a ballet basis and is designed to include a warm-up, across the floor combinations, and center work. It emphasizes fluidity, emotional expression, and connection to music. It is a more controlled style of dance in which all of the movements are strong. Students need a strong background in jazz & ballet and to be of a mature age to appreciate what this class has to offer.

Pointe - Pointe has a strong ballet emphasis and is intended only for advanced ballet students. The dancer wears a specific shoe made to protect the feet while enabling her to dance on the top of her toes. To study pointe, the ballet student needs to have accomplished a certain level of technique in order to ensure the safety of her ankles and feet.

Acrobatics - Acrobatics is designed to teach and improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and agility through tumbling and floor work on mats. It begins with a warm-up which emphasizes strength building. Tumbling tricks of all levels are taught. The 3 & 4 year old classes emphasize the fun of tumbling by imitating animals and playing games on the mats which build strength and coordination.

Hip Hop - Hip Hop is the latest in street dance trends. Classes include a warm-up followed by age-appropriate dance combinations. It has upbeat, quick movements and challenges a dancer’s agility and style.

Dance Team - Dance Team will introduce and teach skills used and expected in dance teams. This class starts with a warm-up and includes jumps, turns, jazz combinations, and kick lines. It is extremely helpful in preparing students for dance teams.

Clogging - Clogging emphasizes the downbeat of the music with enthusiastic footwork. It is similar to tap and makes rhythmic tapping sounds with a specific shoe designed to hear all of the sounds. Clogging can be taught to almost any type of upbeat music. It helps coordination and agility and increases endurance.

Latest News & Awards

2016 - 2017 Highlights

Dance Makers Inc.

Congratulations to Claire Kendrick for the huge honor of being chosen for The Collective at Dance Makers Inc!

The Pulse & Camp Pulse: New Orleans

Ashley Welch received a full scholarship to The Gala Invitational in Las Vegas & was The Battle Royale 13 & up solo winner with her solo, "All That I Am" choreographed by Nealey Towns Alonso

Petite small group "Knock on Wood" choreographed by Taylor Harrelson was The Battle Royale winner 12 & under small group

Blakely Channell was invited to The Gala Invitational in Las Vegas & re-performed in The Battle Royale

CeCe Ferguson also re-performed her solo in The Battle Royale

Abbie Stockard received a Pulse scholarship. Lotte Wambgnass received a partial Pulse scholarship

Karrington Channell received a scholarship to Camp Pulse Las Vegas Nationals & a regional leadership scholarship

Abigail Taylor received a partial Camp Pulse scholarship

2015 - 2016 Highlights

Dance Masters Chapter 33

Teen Miss Dance:

Ashley Welch :: Winner of Teen Miss Dance & Contemporary & Jazz Scholarship Winner

Abbie Stockard :: Top 8 Teen Miss Dance & Tap Scholarship Winner

Emma Carter :: Top 8 Teen Miss Dance & Ballet Scholarship Winner

Mary Hanlon Hunton :: Top 8 Teen Miss Dance

Miss Dance: Claire Kendrick was 2nd runner up

Claire Kendrick :: Overall Teen/Senior Scholarship Winner & 2nd Runner up Miss Dance

Protege Winners: Ashley Welch, Claire Kendrick, Abbie Stockard, Mary Catherine Morrow

Alternate Protege Winners: Blakely Channell, Kate Richardson, Virginia Macoy

Hollywood Vibe: Baton Rouge

1st Overall Senior Production, Wedding Crashers, choreographed by Abby Sanders

Claire Kendrick :: 5th Overall Senior Solo

Regional Scholarship Winners :: Blakely Channell, Claire Kendrick, & Ashley Welch

Hollywood Vibe: Dallas

Claire Kendrick :: Grand Prize Scholarship Winner, Team Hollywood Vibe, LA Agency Award & 4th Overall for "Found"

Hollywood Dance Jamz

Elite HDJ :: Claire Kendrick & Ashley Welch

2nd Overall Petite Large Group "Beach Babies" choreographed by Michelle Channell

3rd Overall Petite Large Group "Tea Party" choreographed by Amanda Welch & Susan Welch

Open Call: Jackie O'neal School of Dance received the Solitaire Black Diamond Award

CeCe Ferguson :: 1st Place Overall Petite Intermediate Solo Winner

Ashley Welch :: Black Diamond & 1st Place Teen Elite Open Solo Winner & 2nd Overall Teen Elite Solo Winner

Blakely Channell :: 2nd Place Teen Elite Open Solo Winner

Mary Hanlon Hunton :: 3rd Place Teen Elite Open Solo Winner

Claire Kendrick :: Black Diamond & 1st Overall Senior Elite Open Solo & 3rd Overall Senior Elite Solo Winner

Chosen for The Cast :: Blakely Channell, Emma Carter, CeCe Ferguson, Mary Hanlon Hunton, Claire Kendrick, Virginia Macoy, Bradford Stewart, Ashley Welch

Scholarship Winners :: Claire Kendrick & Ashley Welch

Dance Makers Inc: Nashville

Claire Kendrick :: 1st Overall Senior Solo "Found" choreographed by Nealey Towns Alonso & Regional Scholarship Winner

Camp Pulse

Cece Ferguson :: Chosen for the Semi Finals for The Pulse Battle Royale 12 and under

Abbie Stockard :: Pulse Regional Scholarship

The Pulse

Blakely Channell :: Pulse Regional Scholarship

Ashley Welch :: Pulse Summer Intensive Scholarship & Chosen for the Semi Finals for The Pulse Battle Royale 13 and over


Claire Kendrick :: Senior Breakout Artist Winner & 8th Overall for "Until We Realize" choreographed by Nealey Towns Alonso

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